Why Do People Complain That They Can Not Contact Rosegal?

For Rosegal.com, customers complain that it is barely easy to contact. Why would that happen? Why do people complain that they can not contact Rosegal?

Connection is apt to be attached greater significance to the society. People need security from connection in reality as well as on the Internet. Why do we concern much about connectivity? Why people complain when they are out of touch with someone or something?

The following review post about Rosegal based on an interview with a senior customer service staff of Rosegal.com

The ways to contact Rosegal.

First of all, let us browse Rosegal(www.Rosegal.com) and have a look. When I scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a “Contact us”. Clicking the button, jumping to a new page.rosegal-scam-customer-service

  1. Phone calling— Presale issue.

Please kindly note the time for calling is 7:30-21:30 (GMT+8). People complain that it is hard to phone Rosegal and they are always asked for leaving a message. If you have to leave a message, I suggest you be specific for your issue so as to easily get in touch.

  1. Live Chat— 24 hours opening.

Live Chat is on the right top of the page. Filling in the name, email address and choose the inquiry type, then you can chat with an agent easily. PS: The agents are not robots.

Customers can contact Rosegal Live Chat for presale issue. Such as: account issue, promotion time consultant, payment method, how to choose size, the stock issue, etc.

Service rating system is convenient for customers to rate customer service after the conversation: Five star(Excellent), Four star(Good), Three star(Neutral), Two star(Mediocre) and One star(Poor).

  1. Support Center—After-sale issue.

It is a professional after-sale team. It can solve customers’ inquiries such as: shipping information, order cancellation, order tracking, return issue, etc. However, customers need to submit a ticket, equally send a message to the support center, the staffs will reply within 24 hours once they receive messages.

Since it is not difficult to contact Rosegal, why do the complaints arise?

  • The location of Rosegal.

Rosegal is located in China, it is unavoidable that there is a time difference between China and countries overseas— No wonder customers will complain. Taking phone calling as example, if customers contact Rosegal when they are off duty while leaving an unclear voice mail, I suppose that Rosegal is unable to contact you even they want to get in touch with you.

  • People always want to speak someone in person.

The society boosts so rapidly that people are leading fast-paced life. We want faster and faster, if we can not contact something immediately, complaints will be generated . Live chat and support center would be slower than phone calling. However, issues can be solved as well with the approaches.

In a word, the reason of complaints that they can not contact Rosegal is customers are not very clear the methods and the tips. How can we contact Rosegal appropriately? Phone calling, Live Chat and Support center. Last but not least, be more specific if there is an issue needs to be solved urgently. What about taking actions instead of complaining? The staffs are waiting for solving your problem.

Comments 2

  • that is a simple answer, as i have been trying not only by chat but facebook messenger and also phone calls with no success to cancel an order.

  • OK I am going through the same thing as the person above. Nothing can not contact anyone. I have ordered 2 items I have received one. Yesterday in my account it said the other item is on its way today I don’t see it at all on my account. So far the product and the prices seem great but to check to see what is going on with something that is incorrect on your account is a joke. I will never be ordering from them again and may have to go to the better business bureau if I do not get my order. In addition I had about 8 items in my cart and they disappeared.


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