When You Get A Poor Quality Items From Rosegal

When You Get A Poor Quality Items From Rosegal, what will you do?

Rob faced this question, he submist a ticket to Rosegal customer service team and said:

“I ordered this item for my wife as a gift but the attention to detail in the construction is poor at best. I would appreciate it if you send me a jacket which has the seams stitched correctly without the raw edges of the fabric covered in some places and exposed in others. There are even a couple of places where the purple fabric is frayed and sticking out from under the zipper fabric. The thumb holes at the end of the sleeves appear to be just cuts in the cuff material and the edges of the cuts are not finished – they will unravel with minimal use. Please let me know how you wish me to proceed.”

rosegal quality

Rosegal give him a full refund and he don’t need to return the item back

“Dear Robert,
Thanks for your message. We empathise with your situation.

We have learnt your details and are so sorry for the issues to you, sincerely hope for your forgiveness.

Please refer to our warranty policy here: http://www.rosegal.com/m-article-id-16.htm

We will feedback the issues to our relavant colleague and pay more attention to customer’s goods in future.

We will try our best to improve our servise and give your best quality in future. We will also advise our product department to provide you with best product.

As you are our valued customer, you can keep your received item and do not need return back us.

1. We can refund you instead 23.44USD on your Wallet (store credit) and exceptionally reward you with extra points(e.g. If your refund is 1USD = 2 points, 3USD =3*2 points => get 6 points etc)

You can use both your wallet and points to purchase your future products.

Learn more about wallet benefits: http://www.rosegal.com/m-promotion-active-129.htm

Check out how to use points: http://www.rosegal.com/m-article-id-86.htm

·2. Refund 23.44USD on your original account.

Please note:
-For credit card refund,it may take up to 7-14 business days to appear in your account.This is completely outside our control.

Please confirm whether we can go ahead with this refund now?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards

Rosegal Customer Service

Rob replied them: I appreciate your understanding. Please refund to my credit card as promised. I’m sorry to bring such sad information to you. Thank you for your prompt attention and willingness to satisfy my complaint.

Rosegal give Rob a discount coupon

“Dear Robert,
Thank you for your message.

You are welcome, it is our pleasure to help you effectively all the time.
We are arranging your refund 23.44USD now.
Please allow 7 to 14 working days for the transaction to appear in your credit card account. This delay entirely depends on your credit card and its intermediaries.

As you are our valued customer and reward your loyalty to our work,we would love to offer you off 10% coupon (Q4W2E3Q1****) for your next order.

We are looking forward to your next cooperation.
Thank you for patience and understanding.

Best Regards

Rosegal Customer Service

This truth cutomer’s replied: Thank you Laney, I will check out your website for other items in which I may have an interest after I receive the credit to my Visa account. I am imPressed by your customer service so I may be ordering again, hopefully with a different outcome.


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