Some Scammers Posing As Rosegal To Deceive Consumers

Some Scammers Posing As Rosegal To Deceive Consumers, Rosegal reminded users to pay attention to online shopping security issues.

From the middle of last year, there have been customers feedback that they received cheat phone, which ask customers to pay more money take their Rosegal packages, some users were scammed, and mistakenly thought that Rosegal is a scam. it seriously endangered Rosegal customer’s vital interests and the company’s credibility.

Sterphen N Angelia Willerson “I got a phone number off the internet for Rosegal left a message and i just got a call from a man said he was the manager of Rosegal it was disgusting the call.”

rosegal scam

Rosegal post claimer here: Please do not divulge your bank details, password or phone verification code to a third part. We will never contact you via unauthorised phone calls or social media channels. Beware of any persons asking you to request a refund or cancel an order due to a product being “out of stock/failing to clear customs/failing a qualifications inspection/deemed a fake”. As they are engaging in fraud. Our phone number: 1 888 320 8188

rosegal note

What Rosegal did to remind customers?

To remind users, Rosegal in all relevant places are particularly increased messages about anti-telephone, media fraud security tips:

  • The system prompted mail (it usually appear when you place order or pay for it)
  • Subscribed e-mail (it will appear in Rosegal’s subscribed email after you sign up)
  • Account Center Personal Information Center (usually after placing order, it send to your MyMessage).

More information, visite Rosegal press release:


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