Rosegal Scam? What You Need Know Before Shopping With Rosegal

Is Rosegal a scam? Rosegal, with the combination style of vintage and fashion, sold at low prices and huge discounts, recently have big troubles, that it rumors online said Rosegal is a scam. Her sister site ZAFUL, which is walking on the way of brand, and Sammydress, which is a big retail wholesale site, also were involved in this big trouble.

However, is Rosegal really a scam? The more online rumors, many of these same customers have found themselves wondering if Rosegal is a scam or just a legit site. Lots of reviews abound online about Rosegal, both positive and negative, end customers continue to call for answers to these questions, “is Rosegal a scam?”, “is Rosegal safe and reliable?”


This Rosegal reviews post aim to provide detailed answers to whether Rosegal is a safe website. it is based on reviews on third part reviews sites, reports and press release.

Who Is Rosegal?

Before we check out whether Rosegal is a scam or legit, we should better know more about exactly what it offers.

Let’s check Rosegal’s home page, we know this is global a online store focused on women and men clothing. It offers Free Shipping, if you are a new customer for Rosegal, sign up and you will get a 10% OFF coupon. You could choose English or French when visit it. From Rosegal’s navigation bar, we know vintage style and plus size are Rosegal’s hot sale.

Is Rosegal reliable and legit?

Rosegal’s items are not manufactured by itself, instead, its buyers purchase items from manufacturers and then resells them under the name of Rosegal. it is difficult to track down all of suppliers, but that doesn’t mean Rosegal is not reliable or legit.

Checking the information bar of Rosegal, all this business’s info, customer service and other businesses are posted here. And we know Rosegal was enrolled in Trustwave’s Trusted Commerce™ program, earned the McAfee Secure certification, protected by a famous software named “DMCA”. All these implied that Rosegal may be reliable and legit.


Where is Rosegal located?

It’s a little difficult to answer. There is information about Rosegal headquarters on it’s home page. but some sources point out that Rosegal is located in China, belongs to a e-commerce company YiGou, this company also runs sites such as Sammy Dress, Zaful, Each one of these sites has similar reviews and complaints although their marketing position are different, leading most consumers to believe that Rosegal is a scam. Its overseas location also makes some buyers nervous about its shipping time, customer service and return policy. Maybe that’s another reason some buyers said Rosegal is a scam when their complaints are not solved.

Is Rosegal Real?

Of cause this e-commerce business is real existing. Maybe you want to ask that “are Rosegal’s items real and consistent with their pictures and ads?”, cause some post online complaint that what items they received are different with they order and said Rosegal is a scam. we don’t know whether these reviews online are truth or not, we just know the inconsistent phenomenon indeed happened in China, famous for TaoBao. The reality is that many consumers do indeed receive products that they ordered from the site, in spite of the complaints about items never arriving. We know e-shoppers always can’t receive exactly what they thought they were getting.

From early 2016, Rosegal formed a photography team, hire foreign models, trained better at handling products from vendors who might send in some product with defection by mistake. They also plan to use pictures all took by themselves.

Whether it is to manage the reputation or really want to change better, the reality is the pictures on Rosegal site or ads are really more truth.

Rosegal review about products

Poor quality, cheap quality or smelled, yes these bad words in some Rosegal reviews online. That another factor someone said Rosegal is a scam. But is it really true? Is Rosegal a scam?

We know we get what we pay for. Most items on Rosegal is priced no more than USD20, some even no more than USD10, then should we ask for a Free People or Esprit quality? Yes we could, but we should pay more for them. But that’s not the evidence to say Rosegal is not a scam. If Rosegal’s quality is extremely poor, like a dishrag, are we still insisting that Rosegal is not a scam? No. So we need to check the product quality of Rosegal.

Last month, i go to a Rosegal’s internal clearance activities, secret. The prices are crazy even for me, a Chinese women without much money. every item just need 5 dollars, cheaper than the cheapest dress on Rosegal $6.26, wow. I’m a stingy shopper, I check them on by one, to be honest, their quality are not terrible, on the contrary, the quality is over price, Rosegal absolutely has reasons to price 10 dollars or even bid higher.

rosegal clothing

Among them, this is one of my favorite styles, a black bodycon dress. Another notice to western women, Rosegal’s clothing are from Asia, so pls notice their size, before adding it to bag, check their size charts careful. It’s quality are surprised me, if it adds a zara label and prices at USD50, i will not doubt it.

rosegal black dress

Also there are some items not good, take the following short blouse for example. The quality is not as good as the above black dress, but it’s sold for the style, bohemian, this summer’s lover. So, is Rosegal a scam? It certainly seems that some of its items are different from their ads. Just like this crumpled blouse, many other consumers complaint about it, but you know, it’s directly from factory then packaging to consumers, this crumpled is reasonable for me.

rosegal bohemian blouse

Returns and Warranties

Rosegal’s return policy is set up to make users believe that Rosegal is a safe website. But due to Rosegal’s oversea location, its return policy is a little strict you will have to submit photos, order information, and detailed information regarding why your package is being returned. Consumers are still asking, “Is Rosegal safe?”. Rosegal’s policy regarding returns has become significantly more lenient according to the temporary policy put in place back in June. Consumers unsatisfied with their purchases will be granted an unconditional exchange or refund without sending the original one back – if their orders were less than $ could be an indicator that Rosegal is not a scam.

In addition, There are many other reviews and complaints about Rosegal, like complaints for shipping time, or complaints for customer service. Both negative reviews and positive reviews existed online. But in this Rosegal review post, we will not take lots time to discuss all its customer service and complaints. Our topic is whether Rosegal is a scam or not, not how about Rosegal. Complaints and negative reviews are fit for every businesses.

Payment Protection

Is Rosegal safe for payments? There are plenty of reasons to be wary of the products that the site carries, but if you want to try a purchase for yourself, should you be concerned if Rosegal is safe? You may want to give it a try, but not at the expense of losing additional money from your account.

When it comes to whether or not is legit, it does offer several different methods of payment. You can opt to make your payment through PayPal or through your credit or debit card. Choosing to make your payment through PayPal does make it feel more like Rosegal is reliable. It offers you an additional layer of protection from having your personal bank account information stolen.

That being said, there are numerous negative reviews regarding the quality of the products and the shipping of products through the site but few complaints over phishing or identity theft. It appears that Rosegal is safe for payment if you want to make an attempt to try it out for yourself. If your order doesn’t turn out, it may be difficult to secure your refund, but at least your credit or debit card information isn’t available to its vendors for the taking.


Is Rosegal legit, or is Rosegal a scam?

Budget-conscious shoppers have long been wondering if Rosegal is real and reliable, but both positive review and negative reviews full of Internet, we cannot exactly define whether they are true or not. so the first thing we want the get the answer is whether it is a scam or not. When looking at the objective facts in combination with invest in Rosegal’s discounted apparel and its overview, the answer to whether Rosegal is a scam seems clear.

Is a scam? No. Then is it worth to shop on Rosegal? Yes, but take this sentence in you mind “you get what you pay for” and notice Rosegal’s size and its location.

If you have reviews or tips about this “Rosegal scam? What you need know before shopping with Rosegal” article, so add your comments below.

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  • Does Rosegal ship stock to Africa

  • I ordered 6 dresses from them in sizes 5 x all were to small had 2x and 3x sizes on them. Ive tried on several different occasions to get in touch with someone and no success. I still have the dreesses and 1 earring they sent because I have no way of contacting these people to send the merchandise back. So I’m not able to get my money back and stuck with clothes I’m not able to fit. They are a rip off. Do not purchase from theae people. You will get ripped off.

  • I filed a PayPal complaint becaause
    My items were not received. They gave a bogus tracking number and PayPal closed my case. I am out $87.

  • I’m reading a lot of bad reviews, although, when I ordered ladies cloths, the sizes I chose, fit perfect! The quality of the articles was really Nice! Well made!! And the time was 3 weeks, not so long, worth the wait!!…You have to know the type of material, if it is a stretchy material, then my size is right on, sometimes depending on the stretch, I will go down one size that I take…And if the material is NOT stretchy, then I go up 2 sizes….I’ve found that It works perfect doing it that way!! Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far?, so now I’m worried!!, that Maybe, I may run into some bad luck!!! I really love Rosegal and all their kool styles though!


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