Rosegal Reviews on Resellerrating, BBB & Productreview

Rosegal has gradually won a group of loyal customers as an international online apparel store. The number of Rosegal members is reported to surpass seven digits in 2015. Recently, however, the store has been complained as a scam site on some customer rating communities, such as Resellerratings and Play. Google. So a question will be asked, “Is Rosegal a scam? ” In answering the question, this article will go respectively to a further discussion of the customer complaints on some reviews site like BBB, Resellerratings and Productreview.

  • Rosegal Complaints on BBB Business Review

Customers can also gather the information about other customer reviews through BBB Business Review, a well-known online rating site. As is displayed in the screenshot below, in last 3 years the BBB has received 306 Rosegal complaints from customers who were mostly dissatisfied with the store’s delivery as well as products or customer service.

At first glance, the figure is somewhat big and implies that Rosegal is not so excellent as expected. While further reflection reviews that the BBB only accepts negative reports from customers so that’s the reason everything you saw on this site is about complains to Rosegal. Admittedly, Rosegal needs improving its delivery, products and customer service. Yet, the BBB reviews cannot prove that Rosegal is a scam instead of a trustworthy site.

  • Rosegal Reviews on Product Review

Another choice for customers to read Rosegal reviews is through the Product Review. You can find that only 21 reviews of Rosegal are available with 3.6/5.0 stars. And around 24% of customers gave complaints on Rosegal and most of them put the store under fire due to its sizing problem.

However, the sample size is too small to be trusted and therefore the complaints saying that Rosegal is a scam cannot be fully legally accepted to some extent.

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  • Rosegal Reviews on Resellerratings

Resellerratings is widely accepted as a reliable means through which customers can read host of shopping reviews and latch on Rosegal. over 700 customer reviews can be found on Resellerratings. Moreover, the overall grade of Rosegal is 7.66/10, along with 4/5 stars.

All the Rosegal reviews are grouped by Resellerratings on the basis of their contents into five topics, such as shipping&packaging, customer service and no one can deny that these topics are what e-shoppers care mostly about. As for Rosegal, it can be read that the store performs well in different aspects except the shipping and packaging, which is only graded 7.85/10.

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Next, we go into details of Rosegal complaints and the result of our collection shows that around 85% of the customer complaints stating that Rosegal is a scam with 1 star focused chiefly on the store’s sizing issue and shipping issue. Interestingly, nevertheless, approximately 65% of Rosegal complaints with scam have been revised to a positive one after problem solved, like the customer’s return request was approved, through the communication between Rosegal’s swift acting customer service and the customer. It can be seen, therefore, that sometimes some customers vent their anger onto the grading sites before contacting a customer server and this become one of important reasons why ‘scam’ is applied to Rosegal.

  • Conclusion

In summary, this article has provided a discussion of Rosegal reviews on reviews websites. Furthermore, our findings may come to a conclusion that Rosegal is not a scam site.


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