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Is rosegal a scam? Is rosegal legit? Rosegal is too good to be true, anyone could give me some reviews? Leave your comments or complaints here.

Country China/United States
USA Address PO BOX 30490 staten island NY 10303 USA
1 888 320 8188(USA phone number)

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  • 21 tracking numbers and none work
    “I have received 21 with 21 tracking numbers and 2 different shipping companies. I would like to just cancel my order and have my money returned after reading these reviews.”

  • Expeditious response to my inquiry and this company always aims to please their customers. I highly recommend doing business with them. Exceptional quality for unbeatable prices. Overall, I am completely satisfied. They get a 5 ‘GOLD STARS’ from me!

  • I ordered bathing suits, and received 3 of the same suit, which do not fit. How do I send them back for a refund? there was no invoice in the package for returns

  • Absolutely the worst online shopping experience ever. Place the order, pay with credit card and assume all is well. Wait 5 days to only be notified that even though the credit card was accepted and payment authorized, they “need additional ID, like a utility bill or passport copy” to process the order. It says nothing of this on the site.
    Call “customer service” which was patently useless. Even they said “we can’t do anything” and there no supervisor available, “we’re only a pre-sale service”. So useless, why do they even exist? They claim they “will delete your personal information” once your order’s been shipped. I would not trust these yahoos further than I could throw them. And their method of conflict resolution? Cancel the order and issue a refund “7-14 working days later”. Hell of a way to juice out a little extra interest sitting on an ex-customers money.
    Run, do not walk away from these charlatans. Shifty business tactics, shady business dealings and an absolute lack of anything that could be considered customer service.


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